Who we are

Hi, we are Gen (the crazy cat lady) and Jon (the cat ‘convertee’) and the kittens you see around the website are Louis (the ginger) and Seb (the tabby).  On moving to Dubai from the UK we rescued two 10 week old kittens from the streets and now they are fit and healthy members of the family brightening up the house with the usual mixture of excitement and exhaustion!

Whilst planning a holiday we looked at using catteries but they are expensive and unsettling and there is always the worry that the cats come back with more than they went in with.  As we know, cats are territorial and creatures of habit and would much rather stay at home in familiar surroundings.  So we looked at paying someone to visit once a day to tend to their basic needs, but again this was costly and it’s hard to trust another person when it’s just business.

I’ve read that about 43% of Americans and 32% of Brits own a cat. If there are so many cat owners out there surely we can’t be the only people with this problem?

So we decided to think outside the box.

Our idea was to find other, like-minded cat owners that lived near us that we could “buddy up” with.  When they went away, if we could, we would go to their place at least once a day to feed them, change their water and empty their litter trays, but most importantly give them that much needed love and attention that only a fellow cat lover understands. Then when we went away they would do the same for our monsters!  We quickly found other people near us who thought it was a fantastic idea, including some great folk who didn’t even have their own cats but were happy to help to fill that kitty-shaped void.

Cuddle my kitty was born to make this process easier.  So that’s who we are, if you want to join us and grow our community of cat lovers, please



How it works