Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to own a cat to join?

A. Absolutely not! We have lots of members who just want the opportunity to look after some kitties and help out when they can. You just need to love cats!

Q. How do you vet (excuse the pun) the people which join wanting to become cat minders?

A. To try and make the website as secure as possible we have a “recommendation” system where members can recommend other users. We also have a system where members can become “Verified✅”. Also, all members can receive and reply to messages but only Premium Members can make first contact.

But more importantly we recommend that members messages each other and build trust before meeting up and learning about each other’s kitties.

Only use someone you 100% trust.

Q. Can I charge for cat sitting through your website?

A. No, this site is for genuine cat lovers who simply want to help each other out and share the joy our feline friends bring to us. Sorry!

Q. Do people have to come into my house to look after my kitties whilst I’m away?

A. You can really use the service however you want, once you’ve found someone nearby, you simply message them, build up trust and discuss what works best for you both. We set the website up with the idea of having someone pop in once or twice a day (that’s how we do it personally) but we have members who are happy to have other Members stay in their houses or ones that send their fur-babies to other people’s houses for their own little pet-holiday.

Q. Why can only Premium Members send the first message?

A. For everyone’s security, only Premium Members are allowed to send the first message, however all Members can receive and reply to any messages they get.

Q. In which countries can I use the service?

A. We are a global website, however most are users are currently in the UK and the UAE due to where we are located.

Q. Why can I only pay in GBP?

A. At the moment our online payment processor Stripe can only accept one form of currency.  As we are from the UK we decided to use GBP. You can pay securely either by Debit or Credit card for annual Premium Membership no matter where in the world you are.

Q. Do you provide insurance?

A. As we are only starting up we currently do not provide insurance but this is something we will look into in the future.

Q. Is Cuddle my kitty liable for my cat or property whilst I’m away?

A. Cuddle my kitty only matches cat lovers to one another it does not accept any liability or responsibility for your cats or your property at anytime. Therefore, we suggest you message and meet potential members and rely on your own judgment as to their credibility and trustworthiness.

Only use someone you 100% trust.



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